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                                                                               Professional Nail Service With Cheap And New Nail Designs At LISA                                                                                Beauty services are now very popular with women, especially nail services. This service is no stranger to us, that’s why nail salons have grown a lot lately. LISA SPA is a familiar name in the beauty service field in Saigon. With many years of experience, we have been trusted and chosen by many customers.

So is there anything special about LISA nail salon compared to other ones? Let’s find out more about our nail services through the article below!

Nail service in Ho Chi Minh City near you

Referring to nail services including manicure, pedicure, acrylic nail, … in Saigon, it is impossible not to mention LISA nail salon. There is a full range of services from trimming, caring to drawing, painting, applying nail gel professionally with many unique models for you here.

  1. Nail cutting and care services

Nail cutting and care services are also known as basic nail care services. In this step, LISA will help customers clean, cut, remove excess cuticles, and take corners of nails.

This is also considered an extremely important first step to be able to make beautiful nails. Perhaps, many customers will think that this is a very basic step that can be easily done at home. However, this first step must be very meticulous and skillful because it is easy to scratch.

The nail technician team at LISA is well-trained with long-term skillful skills, high technique, and meticulousness will absolutely satisfy customers.

  1. Nail painting and painting services

Customers of LISA’s nail salon not only stop at the first service of cutting and taking care of nails, but almost all of them want to have a pretty manicure.

With skillful and meticulous painting and drawing techniques to create many beautiful and delicate patterns, we will help to “makeup” your nails and feet. You will be surprised and not realize that the monotonous nails and toenails become lovely and attractive every day.

  1. Nail gel application service

Gel nail application is one of the most difficult techniques in nail art. However, this absolutely can’t make LISA’s life difficult. Because we have a team of skilled technicians.

With the “awesome” nail technique, they will help customers have a beautiful and long-lasting nail. Many people love to apply nails because they help customers own pleasant hands.

Pedicure service in Ho Chi Minh City near you

At LISA, customers will be cared for and decorated by a team of technicians with highly skilled nails from basic to advanced steps in the most professional and thorough manner.

  1. Cutting and pedicure care service

Similar to nails, pedicure at the cutting and care step will be cleaned by LISA, cutting off the excess cuticles around to help the nails look neater. Compared to fingernails, toenails will have more dirt and excess cuticles, so it needs to be done carefully.

  1. Pedicure drawing and painting services

Particularly for pedicures, customers will often prefer to choose simple nail polishes and paints or just paint colors. If the pedicure in step 1 is trimmed and cared for carefully, then at this step, painting and drawing will be done easily and beautifully.

  1. Gel pedicure application service

For customers who have short toenails or want to create a better shape for their toenails, you can refer to the gel pedicure application service. Applying nail gel will make the nails longer, making it easier to paint, draw and create many beautiful shapes.

The exclusive nail procedure at LISA:

Each customer who comes to LISA nail salon to use our services will go through the following steps in a professional nail-making procedure:

  • Step 1: Prepare necessary tools before doing manicure

Usually, nail salon owners will prepare necessary tools for the nail-making procedure such as: nail files, cuticle nippers, clippers, nail polish, base coat, top coat, brush, cotton swabs, and tape.

  • Step 2: Soak hands and feet in warm water

Soaking hands and feet in warm water within 10-15 minutes not only helps to clean the dirt on the nails and make them softer and cleaner, but also makes it easier to trim and shape the nails afterward.

  • Step 3: Trim nails and cut excess cuticles

Excess cuticles around the nails can often cause discomfort and detract from their appearance. Therefore, removing excess cuticles helps to make the nails look tidier and easier to care for.

Step 4: Clean the surface of the nails and nourish them

After cleaning and removing excess parts on the nails, nail technicians will clean the surface of the cuticles, then apply a thin layer of cream to soften and maintain the strength and health of the nails. 

Step 5: Apply base coat and color

Nail technicians will apply a base coat to the customer’s nails to maintain the natural color of the nails, avoid yellowing. Then, depending on the customer’s preferred nail polish color, the technician will apply a layer of color to the nails. The technician may apply multiple layers of base color to make the nails look more natural and have better stickiness.

Step 6: Apply a top coat

Next, to make the nails look natural, shiny, and to preserve the long-lasting color, the technicians need to apply a layer of glossy polish on top of the nails.

Step 7: Clean up any smudges 

The technicians will use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to gently clean up any excess polish on the skin around the nails.

Step 8: Finish with oil

Finally, you will have a layer of oil applied to your nails to complete the nail-making process. This helps to preserve the long-lasting color of the polish and increases the resistance of the nails, making them stronger and healthier.

Latest price list for manicure and pedicure services at LISA

Below is the price list for all beauty services at LISA, including detailed prices for each specific nail service such as pedicures, manicures, gel application, acrylic nail application, etc.

Especially, LISA offers many promotions and discounts for holidays or special programs for loyal customers, so customers are extremely satisfied with the reasonable prices. 

Why should you choose LISA for nail services? 

The LISA Nail & Spa system, with 3 branches in District 1, District 3, and District 5, is one of the must-visit destinations if you want to own an impressive set of nails. At LISA, you will be able to freely express your own style and preferences, from gentle and delicate to luxurious and trendy.

Every line, every color will be perfectly combined, and the delicate strokes will be vividly expressed in every detail. LISA will satisfy every taste and requirement of customers!

With the motto “Customers are Gods,” LISA’s technicians not only have good professional skills but also pay special attention to customer care services. All nail tools are sterilized to ensure safety and hygiene. Besides, you don’t need to worry about the price when coming to LISA. Just enjoy the beauty that LISA brings to you!

In addition to nail services, LISA also provides other quality services such as palace nourishing shampoo, body massage with hot stone, foot scrub/massage combo, skincare, etc. At LISA, you can fully enjoy top-notch relaxation and beauty services.

The most popular hand nail designs appreciated by women 

Every year, there are several trendy nail designs and trends for many women to love. Below are some images of the latest and most beautiful hand nail designs in the newest trend of 2023.

The most popular pedicure designs painted in 2023

Neutral and basic nail colors have always been preferred by women, and currently these shades are still a trend that women love. Below are some images of beautiful pedicure designs painted with hot trend colors in 2023

What do customers say about nail services at LISA?

Nail services at LISA are certainly no stranger to nail enthusiasts in Saigon. LISA has served many different customers from young people to middle-aged women, and they have all given positive feedback about our services.

Moreover, with the presence of famous tiktokers who have come and experienced our services, and then left extremely good reviews. This is also a plus point that attracts many customers to LISA.

#insert feedback from website 

Thank you to our customers for always trusting and supporting LISA during the past time. Customer satisfaction is the driving force for us to develop and do better in the future. LISA commits and promises to always provide the best and highest quality services to you.


That’s all information that we want to share with our readers about nail services at LISA SPA. It is not a coincidence that LISA has gained the trust and choice of many customers, right?

So if you are looking for a quality and reputable nail service provider with many pretty designs in Saigon, don’t hesitate to come to us to receive many promotions with good prices and the best experiences!

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