Lisa Nail & Spa always cherishes the hope of bringing aesthetic value to more places and people in the future. Therefore, we are always ready to welcome individuals and organizations with the same desire to do a new Nail & Spa business model, to bring the best products and services to all provinces across the country.

Current trend of Nail & Spa franchise model

In recent years, the business models of the health and beauty care and nail & spa industries have made great progress, bringing huge incomes to industry personnel and are gradually taking over. It is the choice of customers of all ages when they need to find a reputable and safe beauty address. According to the research, the market will grow even stronger in the coming years, making the opportunity to work in this industry become a lucrative bait for any individual or business.

Because of that, nail & spa business models are chosen by a large number of individuals and business organizations to start a business to save costs and time. In the future, this is a business form that is considered to bring many development opportunities for individuals or businesses.

The difference between Lisa Nail & Spa

Over many years of continuous construction and development, Lisa Nail & Spa has become the leading prestigious brand in Vietnam with a chain of health and beauty spas in Ho Chi Minh City receiving the support of a large number of women. women of all ages.

Lisa Nail & Spa uses the secret to clear the meridians of the head and body with jade. Opening the senses, treating the mind with lemongrass essential oil and the sound of copper bells combine detoxification processes to improve, take care of health and beautify with oriental herbs.
Lisa specializes in Taiwanese – Japanese – Korean style nails with many unique and impressive models. Satisfying all the wishes of the nail style that customers aim for, no matter what the featured Outfits are, Lisa can exclusively design nail designs that are suitable for customers.
Genuine paint warehouse imported from abroad with a diverse color palette, the hottest hit.
The space stands out with elegant white-brown colors, filled with green grass mixed with a pleasant aroma of essential oils. The nail salon area is arranged with nail tables and chairs with soft cushions to help customers have a great service experience and make a good impression on the brand.


Lisa Nail & Spa

Advantages of nail & spa franchise policy

Scale your business faster than growing it yourself.
Minimize the risk of starting a business and invest in an established company.
No need to design products, build a brand or find new customers, saving costs for start-ups.
Support in staff training, store management and brand promotion.
Help increase the value of the brand and attract attention from investors.
Easily control product and service quality, while maintaining brand standards.
Learn from the franchisor’s experience and knowledge to grow your business.
Benefit from a pre-established marketing strategy by the franchisor, making it easier to reach new customers.

Franchise partner benefits at Lisa Nail & Spa

On the journey of development, Lisa Nail & Spa is proud to be a pioneer in the prestigious spa franchise policy service in the Ho Chi Minh City area. Coming to Lisa Nail & Spa, partners will receive franchise policies and leading services in the field of beauty care with great benefits including:

The most methodical training process on Nail & Spa.
Delivered full nail service
Receive strategic advice, support measurement, statistics as well as come up with effective marketing and communication plans.
Legal advice, paperwork and all business formalities.
Prestigious brand is known by many women thanks to many years of experience in the field of beauty care and community health.
Having the right to use the Lisa Nail & Spa brand and all technology products, strategies and the comprehensive support of a team of experts at the headquarters.
Use resources as well as images, videos, articles, websites, etc. from Lisa Nail & Spa.
Get media support when opening a nail & spa franchise.
Support updating optimal service packages for customers to experience.
Consulting space design and layout to attract customers.
Quickly recover capital from 3 to 6 months.

Lisa Nail & Spa

With strong growth potential in the field of health and beauty, the nail & spa franchise policy at Lisa Nail & Spa will be the right choice to help partners expand their scale as well as limit their expenses. cost, time and lower risk ratio. Lisa Nail & Spa hopes that our partners will join hands to build a leading Nails & Spa brand system in Vietnam, bringing healthy – beautiful – safe values to all customers who want to use the service. service.

For information about investment or franchise of Lisa Nail & Spa system, please contact:  0832222211


Lisa District 1

 Address: 416A Hai Ba Trung, Tan Dinh Ward, District 1, HCMC

 Hotline: 0777776922

Lisa District 3

 Address: 198 Cach Mang Thang 8, Ward 10, District 3, HCMC

 Hotline: 0777776928

Lisa District 5

 Address: 75 Tran Hung Dao, Ward 6, District 5, HCMC

 Hotline: 0777776938

Lisa District 7 

 Address: 420 Nguyen Thi Thap , Ward Tan Quy , District 7, HCMC

 Hotline: 0777776929